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Yarsuvat Law Firm is founded in Istanbul Laleli in 1942 by Ihsan Yarsuvat.

Convinced that the rule of law is sacred,
Ihsan Yarsuvat has fought during his entire career for the right of fair trial of every single person.

Known for the case Naboland / Dumlupinar, Ihsan Yarsuvat rose the Yarsuvat Law firm among the best firms in Turkey with the support of his trusted colleagues and his sons Prof. Dr. Duygun Yarsuvat Esq and Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat Esq.

After the death of Ihsan Yarsuvat in 1981, Yarsuvat Law firm has been taken over by his sons and today followed by the third generation.

Ihsan Yarsuvat was born in 1908 in Adana – Ceyhan. He came to Istanbul to study and was graduated from the high school of the Independance.
Once he received his law degry from the University of Istanbul he chose to be a Judge. After serving in Manavgat, Saray and Ödemis, he worked at the High Criminal Court of Istanbul.

After being a Judge, Ihsan Yarsuvat became a Public Prosecutor and worked at the Criminal and High Criminal Court of Istanbul.
In 1941 Ihsan Yarsuvat resigned from his duty of Public Prosecutor and became a member of the Bar of Istanbul on 1941 with the registration number 1547 and founded the Yarsuvat Law firm on 1942.
The sons of Ihsan Yarsuvat ; Prof Dr. Duygun Yarsuvat Esq and Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat Esq. Became lawyers like their father.
After the death of Ihsan Yarsuvat in 1981, the Yarsuvat Law Firm is taken over by his sons.

Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat was born on May 20 1943 in Istanbul. After studying at the Galatasaray High School, he graduated from the law school of the University of Istanbul on 1967.

While studying at the college, Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat was the spokesman and co-founder of the Turkish Textile Employers Trade Union between 1963 and 1967, the member of the Department of Employer/Employee relations of the Military-Police between 1967 and 1969 and member of the Disciplinary Board of the Istanbul’s Stock-Exchange Market between 1990 and 1993.
Once he became member of the Istanbul Bar in 1968, Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat started to work of the Yarsuvat Law Firm.
Besides his job, Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat gave lessons of “criminal procedure law” at the Police Academy of Istanbul, “introduction to law” at the Galatasaray High School between 1983 and 1995 and media law at the Radio/TV TÜRVAK school between 2002 and 2005.
Although Hüseyin Derin Yarsuvat was specialized in labor law, he has also advised the banking, hotels and media sectors.

Born in Istanbul, Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat is graduated from the French high school Pierre-Loti.

After choosing Belgium for his law studies, Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat obtained his bachelor degree from the law school of the Louvain Catholic University.

Having the opportunity to work in different famous law firms in Belgium while studying, Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat came back to Turkey and obtained a Master Degree in Business Law from the University Bilgi of Istanbul.

Motivated by the heritage of his family, Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat is a member of the Bar of Istanbul.

Passionate by foreign languages, Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat is a sworn translator in English, French, Spanish and Italian, he has also an intermediate level in Portuguese and is beginner in Japanese.

Ihsan Osman Yarsuvat is also a black belt aikido practitioner and is an international level horseback rider who has represented his country several times.